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Since the dawn of the Internet age and consumer telecom era, the dream of modern marketers was to digitally reach precise demographics through which to more effectively and efficiently market products and services. The ability to buy targeted traffic through the web or mobile markets has been the desired outcome, and implemented in terms of strategies ranging from search engine marketing, pay per click, to advertising and high-traffic websites and portals.

Certain misconceptions about the effectiveness of these techniques abound on the web and should be addressed. First, despite widespread use of search engine optimization to attract targeted visitors and the high regard given to ranking a keyword in the search engines, it can be quite expensive. Many webmasters pay thousands monthly for SEO services, de facto attempting to buy website traffic by paying for ranking strategies. Due to ongoing and ever changing revisions of Google’s formula for ranking sites, this can be a very overworked, labor-intensive and unreliable method of obtaining targeted visitors on a sustained basis. Crescent Media provides top of the line SEO and our clients rankings stick long term, and we charge up to 50% less than most providers. We don’t lock clients into a contract and our prices start as low as $449 for one time campaigns!

Second, pay per click (or PPC) is a very targeted method to buy targeted traffic for a site, where the marketer pays for the clicks visitors actually make on web ads leading to their site, rather than pay for a traditional ad placement at a flat rate. While this improves the amount of traffic from individuals specifically interested in the subject of the ad, creating targeted visitors can be as complicated as search engine optimizing has become, particularly in terms of the many rules Google has devised to determine if the ad or site has a high enough “quality score” to be accepted. In terms of hassle, PPC can be both labor intensive and cash intensive, without providing reliable conversions of customers into purchasers. Instead we here at Crescent Media like to offer our clients targeted bulk email campaigns to subscriber lists that will be highly responsive to your offer! You can go from zero visits a day to 100+ interested eyes in your site within 24 hrs for as low as $249!

Besides the above we also offer traffic services such as nationwide classifieds advertising. Classifieds are one of the best ways to get interested buyers fast! Classifieds advertising allows you to build a base of repeat clients that will stay with you long term as long as you provide reliable service! You can test out your product and prices in new markets for a fraction of the cost that you will pay for pay per click traffic! For only $229 your product can be in front of the eyes of interested parties from across the nation and can start closing sales quick!

As one alternative to the hyper competitive SEO and PPC marketing funnels, a more modern version of ad placements on the web has emerged, enabling webmasters to buy website traffic in a manner that is overall time and labor sparing. The approach involves targeting “high traffic websites” online and through mobile markets, from basket of sites well-established, responsive audiences representing specific demographics that correspond to the product or service. A good provider of this type of traffic will have a pre-established network of dozens of massively visited websites that relate to the whole range of niches, which can be targeted by gender, race, location, income or other factors.

Use of high-traffic websites through which to buy targeted traffic is probably the best solution for those seeking a responsive audience in a relatively simple and reliable way. Reasonable rates for such advertising range from the upper hundreds to the low thousands per placement. Crescent Media provides mobile and online banner placements through our partner network starting out with as many as 50,000 ad impressions for as low as $799!


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